Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It has been a wild ride over the last couple of days, but we can officially say that SB 451 is dead! The House’s last chance at reconsidering the motion to table the bill indefinitely was today. Someone from the winning side would have had to make a motion for reconsideration, meaning one of those that sided with us would have had to flip sides. No one did that during that House’s regular morning session at 11 AM. When they reconvened at 6 PM, after a recess, the motion still was not made. And so the bill died!

We all know by now that Mitch Carmichael has been making comments that he intends to load everything from SB 451 into another bill, such as the pay bill. While he may very well try to do that in the Senate, House members from both sides of the aisle have assured us that they will not let a bill like that pass. So again, the bill would die but the Governor has previously stated that if it is not passed during the session, he will call a special session to pass the pay raise bill.

Speaking of the pay raise bill, it is now known as HB 2730 and was addressed in House Finance this afternoon. They passed the bill overwhelmingly and sent it to the House floor to be voted on there. We will keep an eye out on this bill and several others as they continue to move through the Legislature.