HCEA and the NEA Working Together

The NEA has recognized HCEA and the great folks we have involved in the organization. Last spring, HCEA agreed to partner with the NEA for a national project. Over the summer, HCEA President Greg Phillips and Treasurer Helen Adams traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas to meet with local leaders from around the country to share ideas on organizing at a local level. Those leaders were excited to hear some of the great accomplishments in Harrison County as well as what we have been able to achieve on a state level. A few weeks later, Angela Ward from South Harrison High, Emily Moore and Bryanna Reger from Robert C. Byrd attended an internship program in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since their return, they have put a lot of effort into reaching out to educators around the county to discuss local issues.

This past July, Meredith Waggoner and Jessica Schrock from Salem Elementary attended the NEA Representative Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia where they met and worked with educators across the country to set the NEA’s agenda for 2013-2014.


We are deeply grateful as an organization to Angela, Emily, Bryanna, Meredith and Jessica for the hard work and dedication they have shown. 

President’s Message

Hello Fellow Hard-Working Teachers:

We teach in challenging times! Many are concerned about the increasing workload. WE NEED TIME TO TEACH! I am pleased to work with you to maintain the integrity of the classroom. Your dedication to your students in spite of the challenge is impressive. Persevere! Tell your story to your legislators. They get our emails. Mention your thoughts on teacher pay as WVEA works right now on that issue! We made headway in Charleston last year because you were involved. I am excited to see the Salem Elementary Librarian restored! That’s working together! Continue your support as we ask the county office to streamline the workload and our local board to support the salary campaign.

Thank you for the job you do!

Greg Phillips, President of the Harrison County Education Association