Feb 15, 2017

Update on the Committee on Discipline

The conversation with county officials continues.  On 2/13 the committee addressed 4 areas of concern. Teachers and Principals could collaborate better on available options for discipline.  Teacher’s expressed sometimes lack of information on “At Risk Referral” options. There is concern with students transitioning back into the classroom from alternative settings.  There are reports that can be better utilized and made available to teachers in the regular classroom environment and plans that can be made at the school level. Opportunities for teachers to help students “skill-build” on appropriate behaviors was discussed as an area of weakness in which resources can be provided. There is a lack of option for alternative education options in elementary for extreme behaviors.  School Curriculum teams are given “broad authority” as emphasized by Dr. Manchin per county policy to be creative in behavior plans on the school level.  Teachers are encourage to be active on curriculum teams as a tool to make effective change on the school level.

Nov 7, 2016
HCEA President Greg Phillips and Vice President Lillie Junkins met with Assistant Superintendent Donna Hage today to begin planning for the Committee on Discipline.

This is the opportunity for teachers to voice both concerns and common sense solutions. If you would like to contribute to the committee or know someone who would please contact Greg Phillips or Lillie Junkins.

Oct 31, 2016

Nov 7, 6:30PM BoE meeting at RCB theatre Please Join Us!

HCEA President, Greg Phillips, and HCEA Vice President, Lillie Junkins, met this afternoon with Superintendent Dr. Manchin about discipline issues in the county.

There is an initiative to reduce "Out of Education" consequences in the county by 15% this year. There has been concern from teachers about the possibility of the rise of student behaviors. There HAVE been some incidents. Dr. Manchin was reassuring that "there has been no directive to not remove students from classrooms" if there is a potentially dangerous situation.

We will be forming a Committee on Discipline to address some of the concerns. This will be a conversation between teachers and key county official personnel. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please e-mail President Greg Phillips or Vice President Lillie Junkins.

If you have any suggestions or concerns please communicate with any executive committee member. Input will be considered by the committee in order to make common sense recommendations.

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